Unleashing Creative Confidence @ YYC Talks, May 14

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

NOTE: The time for May's YYC Talks event is 5-7 pm.
This interactive workshop will help participants understand the beliefs, environment

and habits required to unleash their creative potential. Creativity is about creating

something new. Creativity comes into play when we have the opportunity to generate
new ways of thinking, being, doing and creating in the world. Join us and learn how to
tap into this resource we all have access to ~ our creative capacity.

We'll be talking about:
  • What kind of environment supports creativity,
  • How to harness and unleash their personal creativity, and
  • Strategies to tap our collective creative capacity.

Presented by: Kristan Nielson BA, CPCC, Coach & Consultant
Kristan Nielson is a coach, consultant and leader in the field of organizational development. She has worked with thousands of leaders in such industries as non-profit, government, professional services, sports, education, broadcasting, transportation, telecommunications, banking, health services, real estate development, oil and gas, mining, and construction and engineering. With over a decade of experience she has provided 20,000+ hours of consulting, training and coaching services to small, medium and big business.
Kristan inspires others to be catalysts of positive change and leads by example. She creates a dynamic learning environment by building trust, asking the hard questions, challenging the status quo, and encouraging divergent thinking.
YYC Talks is a new series of information evenings that are open to all members of the Calgary community.
Inform: YYC Talks will explore topics that are relevant and important to the Calgary community.
Empower: Knowledge is power, YYC Talkers will gain insight and applicable knowledge
Succeed: YYC Talkers will be encouraged to share their knowledge to promote success in the community.
Light refreshments will be available. Space is limited.
For more information or to register over the phone please call Champions Career Centre 403.265.5374.
If you are attending and require any accomodations please call us 403.265.5374.
Coming up in June: "Talkin about our Generation", June 11, 2014. Register for June's YYC Talks 


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